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August 2008--Groovy Boy visited Washington State!

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February 2007--Groovy Boy visited Disneyland (again!)

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June 2006: Groovy Boy is along for the ride on the Big Fix.

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July 2004: Groovy Boy and his Groovy Car

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Read about Groovy Boy's friend, Brandon (the apprentice groovy kid)

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Groovy Father's Day wishes from Sarah and Groovy Boy

Groovy Boy's European Vacation!
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GB visited Europe, and brought back photos for all his groovy fans. Click here for Groovy Boy's European adventures.

Groovy Boy's home on the web!  He's hip, he's happy, he's ten inches tall, and he thinks that life is "totally groovy"!  He's Groovy Boy, and he doesn't let his small size or muggles (non-groovy people) get in the way of having some cool adventures.  Explore Groovy Boy's world to learn more about Groovy Boy and Grooviness!  Maybe you'll end up a little groovier yourself!

Groovy Boy and "Dinger," the Sacramento Rivercats mascot Groovy Boy with some groovy new friends at the Whole Earth Festival in Davis, CA

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Groovy Boy says it's groovy to always wear a seatbelt! 
But sometimes, he likes to feel free ...
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Note: We don't sell anything on this site--this is all about fun and grooviness! 

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and the other groovy kids hang out in the Groovy Car

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August 2004: After a long bike ride with Dad

July 2009: Groovy Boy was at the finish of the Wheels North bicycle ride in Seattle.

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June 2006: Groovy Boy traveled halfway across the US on the Big Fix bicycle fundraising ride

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August 2005:  Who was Groovy Boy hanging out with? Click here!

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June 2004: Groovy Boy went to see the new "Groovy Potter" movie!

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July 2004: Groovy Boy visits Benihana's!

GB in Palm Springs

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